Hsa Thoo Lei's school has good learning atmosphere and providing effective and comparative quality education to the students. It has permanent teachers and other enthusiastic volunteers teachers putting lots of efforts for students. 

Hsa Thoo Lei is not merely providing Higher and Comparable standard of Education, but it is also to enrich the lives of the students. Due to this objective, many co-curriculum activities i.e., traditional dance, singing, sports competition, debate, etc, are being conducted on the regular basis. It curriculum is mainly based on the locally need-based and work based-need in order to meet or to serve the purpose of the students, and to enable them to be self-efficient and self-support. 

As the result Hsa Thoo Lei provides effective life skills; computer, art, music and gardening to students. The school celebrates also special event from both Thai, Karen and international culture and participate with local organizations in raising awareness about relevant issues such as child trafficking, to the wider community. 

School philosophy: The basic root of knowledge is education

Attending ethnic groups:
Karen, Burman, Mon, Pa 'O', Kachin, Shan, Muslim, Karenni

Goals and Objectives:

  • To fulfill the provision of universalization of elementary education for all.
  • To fulfill the provision equalization of educational opportunity, free and compulsory education.
  • To observe and promote our rich multi-cultural heritage.
  • To produce competent and good leadership for the next generation
  • To create the sense of mutual respect, appreciation and understanding among the the multi-ethnicity, multi-cultural groups of the students.
  • To create the sense of universal brotherhood, peaceful co-existance among different communities.
  • To impart and promote value oriented education- social, moral, spiritual, aesthetics values.

To impart education to the students especially orphaned, IDP, migrant workers' children and Children who are separated from their parents or whose parents are imprisoned and as a whole. To help them to continue and pursuit their education and enable them to face the challenges of life. To put them into the right path and to pave the way for them in order to enter into the field of life and work. 

Subject taught:
Thai, English, Keren, Burmese, Matematics, Social Studies, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Computer skills