Hsa Thoo Lei is the second biggest migrant school in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand. It was started on 1999 by  Mrs. Paw Ray , current school director and chairperson of BMWEC.

Paw Ray's aim was to give the children the basic education. The School was started with one teacher and 25 students by the very limited teaching and learning resources and without proper school building. The main purpose of the school is that to server and to meet the need of childrend particularly (migrants workers children, orphanages, IDPchildren) as they are in their impressionable stage and to remove illiteracy. No one will be denied admission on the ground of race, caste, religion, ethnicity, etc. The school is currently being funded by few different donors, covering the different parts of the school running cost.

In Year 2001 with the growing number of the students, the boarding house came into existence. It provides free fooding and hostel accommodation to Children especially children from poor family, IDP, Orphanages children. The Boarding Housing is also observed and promoted spiritual and moral, social and cultural, aesthetics values in order to help the children in character building and to be self-discipline and self-esteem, self-integrity. Every children is being treated with care and love by the staff regardless of their race, religion, family background. At the moment xxxx children lives at Hsa Thoo Lei Orphanage, and the School gives education to 923 students