There are many reasons why Hsa Thoo Lei Learing Centre is an important project for Karen community in this area. The first one is that migrant children have increased years by year in Mae Sot. Burma was ruled by a brutal dictatorship, and consequently many atrocities had occurred and a large number of people suffered under the repressive and exploitative control of the regime. All social service have suffered tragically under the years of military rules; the health care, educational services and economical stability affect the citizens and many have been forced to leave their country to secure their lives. after the 8.8.88 riot occurred in Burma, many people fled to Thailand for their safety. Many children were forced to follow their parents ans still have been born in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. At first, there were no migrant centers and the migrant workers could not effort to send their children to Thai schools. Those children lost their basic human right: right to access education and often faced child trafficking, drug dealing and oppression by employers who used children as child labors. Therefore, Hsa Thoo Lei Learing Centre was founded and aims at providing basic education to all the children.